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Audio Editor Pro
Editor's ChoiceSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
Screenshot - Audio Editor ProThe powerful Editor, Converter , Recorder and Player, makes a complete recording studio of your computer.
Audio Editor Pro is a visual multifunctional audio files editor for Windows. It allows you to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, filtering, applying various audio effects, format conversion and more. Supports all major audio formats. Provide more than 20 sound effects and 6 filters. Support mp3 VBR codec and Windows Media 9 format. Support ID3 tag and CDDB.
File Size:
  • Visually edit an audio file
  • Apply more than 20 effects
  • Apply 6 different filters to the selected part of an audio file
  • Convert an audio file from one format to another
  • Insert and change information about an audio file
  • Supports most popular file formats
  • Build-in Powerful Audio Tools
Audio Editor Pro supports the following file formats so that you can edit audio files
  • Waveform audio (PCM wave)
  • MPEG Audio (various layers) to include MP2 and MP3
  • Windows Media Audio
  • Audio CD Tracks
  • OGG Vorbis Audio
  • VOX Dialogic ADPCM
  • RAW Audio
Build-in Powerful Audio Tools

Audio Converter

When you click the Tools > Format Converter menu item, you can access easy-to-use, yet very powerful, features for converting one file type to another. Supported conversions include the following:

  • WAV to MP3
  • MP3 to WAV
  • WAV/MP3 to WMA
  • WMA to WAV/MP3
  • OGG to WAV/MP3
  • WAV/MP3 to OGG
  • WAV Compression
  • MP3 Compression
CD Ripper

When you click the Tools > CD Ripper menu item, you can makes direct digital copies from audio CDs and saves them as MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV. Supported CDDB and ID3 Tag

Software Features:
1. Editing - Open, create and save audio files. Play an audio file or any part of it. Visually edit an audio file (Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File and Insert or Delete noise or silence in an audio file)
2. Display - Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming
3. Recording - Record new audio file from a microphone or another input device
4. Digital effects - Apply different effects (Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverse, Multi Tap Delay, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Echo, Chorus)
5. Audio filters - Apply different filters to the selected part of an audio file (Ban Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter)
6. Support all major audio formats - Audio Edit Pro supports a wide range of audio formats, such as MPEG (MP3, MP2), WAV, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, Audio Tracks and Dialogic VOX. It is easy to convert an audio file from one format to another.
7. ID3 tag & Media information - Insert and change information about an audio file (Album, Artist, Channels, Comments, Copyright, Genre, Title, Year)
8. Ease of use - Audio Editor Pro provides a customizable interface, allowing you to build projects the way you want. It also supports standard Windows keyboard commands and mouse shortcuts
9. Markers - Use markers in your audio file to quickly select between different selections!
10. Selection tool - Select a part of your audio file precisely with the selection tools of Audio Editor Pro
System Requirements


Intel Pentium class 200 MHz processor or better; 128 MB RAM; 50 MB Hard Drive space; 4x CD-ROM drive or better; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card and speakers/headphones; SVGA or higher color video display card (minimum resolution 800x600); Internet connection for CDDB access, ordering, and support.


Intel Pentium II class 400 MHz MMX or better; 128 MB RAM or more; 50 MB Hard Drive space; 12x CD-ROM drive; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card and speakers/headphones; 16-bit color video card; Internet connection for CDDB access, ordering, and support


A: I am trying to use Audio Editor Pro, but it is not working properly. What could be the problem?

Q: This is usually caused by the file's audio content using a codec that is not supported by the conversion module. Even though it plays properly in Audio Editor Pro, the playback engine's supported codecs are different from that of the conversion module. You should ensure you're running the latest version of Audio Editor Pro, if you're experiencing this problem, because we are always adding support for additional codecs as the software is updated.

A: How do I use Audio Editor Pro to record from an LP or cassette?

Q: Audio Editor Pro can be used to record from any available source. Therefore, you should make the necessary hardware connection from your stereo or other source device to your sound card. Now, within Audio Editor Pro, select the connection used on your sound card as the input source for recording. Start playback on your stereo or other device, and click the record button on the Audio Editor Pro window. When the audio content playback is complete, press Stop in Audio Editor Pro, and save the recording via the Save As command. You should keep in mind the frequency at which recordings are saved.

Q: I have purchased Audio Editor Pro. What happens if I format my computer or my system crashes? Will the Product ID change and my unlock code no longer work?
A: With the current version of Audio Editor Pro, the Product ID does not change if you format your computer or your system crashes. Therefore, your unlock code is still valid, and you should not need new registration information.

Main Functions:
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Screenshot - Audio Editor Pro
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WAV files are probably the simplest of the common formats for storing audio samples. Unlike MPEG audio and other compressed formats, WAVs store samples "in the raw" where no pre-processing is required other that formatting of the data.
The WAV file consists of three "chunks" of information: The RIFF chunk which identifies the file as a WAV file, The FORMAT chunk which identifies parameters such as sample rate and the DATA chunk which contains the actual data (samples).
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