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MP3 CD MakerSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
Screenshot - MP3 CD Maker 

MP3 CD Maker was first released back in 1999 and continues to get better. Over that time the dedication of the developers has now made this program even more accessible with multilingual support for 42 languages and compatibility with over 1200 CD-RW drives. Drag and drop features makes this program a snap to use along with a normalization option that ensure that your songs are burned at a consistent volume. The software has also been optimized for use with Windows-XP. As an added bonus, you can convert MP3 to WAV files just by right clicking the mouse and you can also print CD covers.

For the price of 2 CDs, burn unlimited CDs for free:
File Size:
Software Features:
1. Over 1200 CDR/RW drives supported
2. 42 languages supported including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and more.
3. CD Text burning
4. Automatic volume normalization
5. Burn your MP3 and WAV files to CD.
6. MP3 Converter - convert MP3 to Wav and Wav to MP3

The world's simplest, fastest and smallest CD burning software ever...

"Listen To All Your Favorite Songs In Your Car Or On Your Home Stereo Using My Blazingly Fast MP3-To-CD Converter... Puts Your MP3 Tracks On CD In Seconds! Download, Install, Drag-And-Drop, And You're Done!"

"NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!"

"The Best Program Of Its Kind On The Market!"

"I just love your MP3 CD Maker software. It has made my life a lot easier, and it is without a doubt the BEST program of its kind on the market. It's so fast and simple to use, I recommend this program to anyone wanting to make CDs out of their MP3s! Thanks for making this software, and for the constant software updates, too!"
Justin Thibodeaux

Wouldn't you love to play some of your coolest MP3 tracks in the car, in your home stereo, in your CD walkman or on your CD player Now its possible!

Being a gadget type, I've been downloading MP3 files for ages, now. It's a cool and neat way to hear the latest, rarest and best songs on my computer! But that always used to create at least three headaches for me and probably for you...

  1. MP3s use tons of disc space on our computer.

  2. I can't listen to the download in my car or CD player.

  3. If I did burn them, it would take an excruciatingly long time!

I really wanted to hear them while driving my car. So what can I do Do I go and rip out my Sony CD player, and replace it with a MP3 player for my car These days, most MP3 players cost around $300 at least near where I live. Or...

Since I'm a bit of a geek, do I build a neat little but effective, simple software that burns MP3 files right on to a CD, and does it amazingly fast

That's exactly what I did. And it rocks! Want to give it a free test-drive

It's A Totally Cool Way To Get All Of Your Favorite MP3 Music Files And Songs Onto A CD In Seconds!

MP3 CD Maker converts your hottest tracks and burns them right onto a CD. I've designed my software so you don't have to mess around with all that techie stuff, like converting MP3 files yourself. This is the coolest "click-and-go" program!

It's extremely simple to use, extremely light only 1.3 megabytes! and extremely fast. Burn your favorite CDs in seconds, not minute or even hours!

You save buckets of time and also tons of useful disk space on your home computer. That's not all! It has a topnotch, easy-to-use user interface that requires no technical knowledge from you whatsoever. It's child's play!

Speak another language No problem!

I got you covered. My software supports 42 of the most popular languages, so virtually everyone with music on our wonderful planet of ours can use it.

You DON'T Have To Be An Expert Or A Geek, Or Need Tons Of Hard Drive Space! In A Nutshell...

Here's the deal. MP3 CD Makeris a lightweight, super-fast MP3-to-CD converting software. But don't let its small size fool you! It's filled with features...

  • It burns MP3 files directly to a blank CD and makes it ready to play.
  • It's shockingly easy to use just a simple drag, drop and click, that's it!
  • It supports over 1,300 CD burners almost all major brands and makes.
  • It runs on all Windowsoperating systems (i.e., 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP).
  • It's "skinnable" with MP3 CD Makerskins that support 42 languages!
  • It prints snazzy CD covers to complement your hot, new audio CDs!
  • It normalizes MP3 output (i.e., it makes all the songs the same volume).

But what does all this mean to you Simple...

  • You don't blow your cash buying unwanted CDs for only a few songs on them... Just create the kind of CDs you want, with the tracks YOU love!
  • Create perfect CDs as the hippest gift for your friends, such as weddings tracks, rock music, top 40, grunge or even mom's favorite classical tracks!
  • Make CDs for those long road trips with "traveling tunes" playing in your portable CD player while on the bus, plane or train, or in your car stereo!
  • Don't have to fire up your PC just to listen to your favorite MP3 tracks!
  • Rock the house down at your next party, or blow the roof of the car, with your very own, hand-picked, personalized CDs playing the hottest tracks!

Download Full Version And Save!

"Very Nice! The Best Program If You Own A CD Burner And Download A Lot Of Music!"

"This is one of the best programs that I will ever use for my CD-RW drive. It records MP3s in CD format directly on to a CD! This keeps you from having to take time to convert the MP3 file into WAV and burn it. This program does it all in one step. The interface looks brilliant. Very easy to navigate through! It can take you through step by step processes to help you record your MP3s a lot easier.

"This program is also frequently updated, so that it will support the newest of CD burners. It is very much worth its small download (I believe it's around 900k when zipped) and is one of the best programs you could have if you own a CD burner and download a lot of music off of the Internet and would like to listen to it on your CD Player."
User maddux317

Why Did I Create Such A Neat Little Program That's So Easy To Use And Compact, And Saves So Much Time And Disk Space

MP3 CD MakerI started the software in 1999 because, like most people, I wanted to listen to my MP3 music in my car.

With most burning software, there's an obstacle...

At that time, everyone who wanted to burn a custom CD had to first convert MP3 files into WAV (or "wave") files which ate up over 650 MB of disk space!

But that's not all. Then they would have to use a $100+ CD burning software to burn the CD (like Adaptec-Roxio's Easy CD Creatorsoftware, for example).

But whether the software program converts it for you automatically or not (like some of the programs available today), two other BIG problems remain...

First, the conversion process still takes a long time with most software, it also takes up a lot of memory! Second, there's no way to normalize the songs!

What's normalizing Some MP3s have higher (or lower) volume levels than others. So, one song may be louder, one lower, etc. And that can become a pain!

Sure, if you're a techie (or have time on your hands) you can fix this stuff yourself. But you have to have a great deal of knowledge to do such things, or a lot of free time to manually "normalize" the volume with each and every MP3 song!

Personally, I didn't have time to fidget around with this stuff.!

So I decided to write my own CD burning software... And since 1999, MP3 CD Makerturned out to be a great product and more popular than ever!

Burn CDs As Easy As 1-2-3! Three Steps And You're Done! Here's All The "Technical" Stuff You Need To Know...

Again, I got you covered. My software is super-easy to use... So easy, you can burn your CDs in just three simple steps! Here's a quick look at how it all works. You can click on the thumbnail pictures, below, to view the full-size screenshots...

Step #1 Is So Easy...

Browse your hard drive to select your favorite songs. Select those MP3s you want to hear in the CD player and burn on your CD by simply clicking the "+" button. That's all... You're ready to go!

  Select MP3 songs

Then, There's Step #2...

Select the burning speed. (It's real easy. Unsure Don't worry, we'll show you how.) After selecting the speed, simply click "Record" button to get it started. Your CD will be ready in just a moment! That's it!

Burn custom CD

And Finally, Step #3...

You're done. Want cool-looking CD cover You can create and print out a CD cover with your song list... No longer do you have to worry about which songs are on which CD! Click. Print. Piece of cake.

Print CD Cover

(If you don't know, "BURNING" simply means recording the track onto the CD.)

Download Full Version And Save!

"It Did Just What It Said It Would, With A Simple User Interface That Required NO Learning Process!

"Music is VERY important to me. I spend a lot of time listening to and playing music both jazz and classical. Over time, I accumulated a lot of good music in the form of MP3 files on my computer, but I realized that they weren't doing me any good since I never listen to them. Sitting at a computer is not where I want to be when I listen to music.

"When I learned that a reasonably priced program, MP3 CD Maker, could burn these MP3 files onto an audio CD that I could listen to on my usual CD players, I was very interested. I downloaded a demo and it did just what it said it would, with a simple user interface that required no learning process. Naturally, I bought the product and now my 120 MP3 files are on six 80 minute audio CDs that I listen to with great pleasure. Thank you for a wonderful product!"
Steve Newman, Director, Jazz Society of Santa Cruz County

Surprised Truth Is, There's Nothing To It! Anyone Can Use It, And You Can Have It On Your Own Computer Within Seconds!

Choose to burn audio CDs on either 74 or 80-minute CD-R/RW compact discs. The burning process is direct to CD, so there is no need to convert to ".WAV' files or even know about WAV! And direct burning saves you time and hard drive space!

MP3 CD Maker's "normalizing" feature lets you simply set the same volume level for every track. I guarantee you it will give you the same volume level songs in the CD. How Just check "normalizing" before you hit "record," and that's it!

Works on all MicrosoftWindows operating systems!

You will need a 100Mhz PC or higher, with 16MB RAM or more. Of course, you must have a CD Recorder... Most popular brands and makes are OK!

MP3 CD Makeris very small. Plus, it actually saves YOU hard disk space! Unlike other software, MP3 CD Makerburns MP3 files directly into audio CDs!

Want to see another language Simply click the globe on the lower left of the screen, choose the language you like, then close and reopen the program.

The new language will now appear! It's that simple.


Wait! Early Bird Special...
Save BIG When You Order Fast!

We're Currently Conducting A Time-Limited Marketing Test... Order Before September 1st, And Get FREE Lifetime Updates!

Not one week. Not one month. Not even one year! Free updates... FOREVER!

But you must act quick! This test to gauge the level of interest in such an offer. Download the full version of MP3 CD Makernow and spare yourself the need to pay for future updates, or for renewals when the time has elapsed!

Unsure Unconvinced I understand. I'll also throw in FREE tech support!

We have thousands of very happy users. Plus, there are options available to you. You can get MP3 CD Makeras an instant download (your registration key will be instantly emailed to you), or as a CD by postal mail. It's up to you!

But if you're still not sure, try it out for FREE! A shareware version is available by clicking here you can only burn four songs at a time. Plus, there's also my...

100% Satisfaction"100% Satisfaction, Try It For A Full 30 Days Or Get Your Money Back GUARANTEE!"

Get it. Install it. Use it for a full month. And if you feel I wasted your time and money, ask for your money back. It's no big deal. Just return the software (or confirm destruction), and I'll issue a prompt refund on the spot. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

With my limited-time special where tech support and upgrades are FREE for registered users, my 30-day guarantee makes this offer impossible to pass up!

Ready To Create A Cool Music Or Audio CD That's Packed With Tracks Previously Only Available As MP3 Files Here We Go...

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MP3 CD MakerMP3 To CD MakerCD Maker
MP3 to CDWAV to CDMP3 to MP3 CD
CD BurnerAudio CD BurnerMP3 CD Burner
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